Solar eclipse 2011


The penumbra is noted by grey area on the day party of the Earth. The cone of a lunar shade does not cross a terrestrial surface.
Green lines note borders of a lunar penumbra, the asterisk corresponds to a point of the greatest eclipse. The eclipse has only one border of a penumbra.

The private solar eclipse is January, fourth, 2011 14 eclipse of hundred fifty first Sarosa. The area of its best visibility gets to subpolar and average widths of northern hemisphere.
Maximum the eclipse reaches in a point with co-ordinates 64.7 ° northern width, 20.8 ° east longitude and has no central strip of a full phase. During the moment and in a point of the greatest eclipse the direction on the sun (azimuth) makes 155 °.
Dynamic world time at the moment of the greatest eclipse: 8:51:42 AM, the amendment of dynamic time: 67 seconds.
The shade axis passes about northern pole, without crossing a surface of the Earth, the minimum distance from the centre of the Earth to an axis of a cone of a lunar shade makes 6778 kilometres. Thus, the eclipse Scale is equal 1.0627, and the maximum phase reaches 0.8576.
Number of lunar month: 136 (has passed 136 синодических months from the date accepted for a zero point on January, 6th 2000г.)