Full solar eclipse on March, 29 2006

Map of a solar eclipse on March, 29 2006 (NASA)

On March, 29, 2006 there was a full solar eclipse which was visible in territory of Russia. This one of the most beautiful and most interesting astronomical phenomena, capable not only to give pleasure to the observer, but also allowing to collect the interesting scientific data. On March, 29, 2006 the strip of a full phase of an eclipse was carried by from east coast of Brazil through a southwest of Africa, Niger, Libya, East Mediterranean, Turkey, Georgia, Karachaevo-Herkeciya and Kabardino-Balkariya - republics Balkarskuju, Stavropol territory, Kalmyk republic, the south of the Astrakhan region, Kazakhstan, further again on area Russia - Altay. Particle phases of an eclipse was visible on all area of the European part of Russia, and also Western Siberia.

The width of a strip of a full eclipse makes about 168 kms. Accordingly from territory of a strip up to central lines of 84 kms. Below the list of settlements of Northern Caucasus which get in a zone of a full eclipse. On a straight line the distance is specified in kilometers from it up to the central line. The the figure is less, the time of a phase of a full eclipse is more:

Stavropol territory Kabardino Balkariya Karahaevo Herkeciya
GAS (Kislovodsk) 34 Elbrus 0 Dombai 36
Kislovodsk 45 Tirnaus 7 Teberda 50
Eccentuki 55 Gyndelen 0 Arxiz 81
Pyatigorsk 48 Bakcan 7 Karahaevck 81
Georgievsk 38 Cuba Taba 0  
Kursk Nalchik  

Map of a solar eclipse over Northern Caucasus

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Map of a solar eclipse over Caucasus